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Blink is a universal and handy platform, allowing everyone to find providers for any necessary services. It is a kind of local freelance platform.


The platform needs two kinds of people to work appropriately: Providers who offer specific services and Clients who need and are ready to pay for them. In this case, with the Leo Burnett team, we focused on the first part, Providers (freelancers).


I created a concept for a series of social media posts to demonstrate the differences between freelancers and office worker lifestyles. The main point was to convey the advantages of freelancing over traditional work style so that it’d provoke people to register and provide their services on the platform.


I also decided to use a separate hashtag, #officelife, as an indicator of the posts belonging to this concept. So that people would always look forward to the next one.

Keep in mind that the first photo in the visuals indicates a freelancer, while the picture below shows an office worker.

August-September 2018

Sitting at the office from 9 to 5 doesn’t always mean working hard; the #officelife realities are absolutely different.

Some people look forward to finishing working hours at the office to meet with friends while others think about the work even when they are with friends. If you don’t have an office waiting for you, all your life is an #officelife.

Boring office meetings against opportunities of technology… In the 21st century, #officelife traditions are also changing.

If leaving home or not is up to your decision when it’s raining outside, all weather conditions are enjoyable. Bad weather doesn’t exist, but stress-maker obligations of an #officelife do.

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