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Ekoqaz is offering installment services of LPG (autogas) systems for automobiles. They’re getting their equipment from a manufacturer that has been in this industry for more than 20 years.

I’ve created two different concepts for Ekoqaz with Leo Burnett.


The first is called #stereotype.

Ekoqaz had an extreme resistance against its services; People thought LPG is way more dangerous than traditional petrol. Even though it’s actually the opposite, we needed to tell it to people in a friendly, fun, and straightforward way. After tons of discussions with Ekoqaz and Leo Burnett teams, I came up with an idea of fighting revolutionarily with these misperceptions. I called people’s irrational beliefs, “stereotypes.” And we launched a war against them.


The second concept is #mechanichints.

Our next aim was to build an emotional connection between the brand and customers. As the service was too expensive, even one loyal customer meant a lot. For the sake of engaging with customers and creating a friendly ambiance around the brand, I developed this concept. We started to share useful advice from expert mechanics regularly that would help the brand’s audience in their everyday life. Also, as they came from the mechanics in Ekoqaz, we made them seem friendly to build a trusted environment.

March 2018



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