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December 2019

What is Clover POS System and How Will It Help You?

What would you expect from a POS system if you own a small or mid-sized quick-service or full-service restaurant? How about a retailer, or service business? Let me answer it for you: General management — data reporting, inventory control, menu editing, employee coordination, accounting, order tracking, and so on. What about if it even offers 500+ apps to let you shape your point-of-sale system to suit your specific needs? Yes, you got it right! We are talking about Clover POS System that produces its hardware that fits perfectly with its software and apps. Clover POS System combines functions of a cash drawer, receipt printer, and terminal accepting all payment types, including credit & debit card, Apple Pay and Google Pay technologies in one set of tools. As a part of our mission in POSvice, below, we present the POS system review for Clover today.

Clover POS System is a good fit for you if;

  1. You run a nice restaurant. Clover Restaurant POS System has different solutions for both QSRs (Quick-service restaurant) and FSRs (Full-service restaurant).
  2. You own a cozy retail store. Clover Retail POS System will help you know what is on your stock and which products are running low in your inventory. It lets you accept credit, debit and gift cards, NFC and mobile payments both online and offline.
  3. You manage a service business such as a law firm, accounting, or building services. Use the all-in-one Clover Retail POS to manage your business and keep your customers happy. Thanks to the cloud-based nature of it, you can use handheld and mobile devices besides the countertop ones.

What Are Clover POS Features?

Clover POS began as a first all-in-one Mobile Payment and POS Platform. As one of the quickest-developing POS solutions in the market, Clover has made various upgrades to this platform throughout the years.

Many Clover POS choices are prestigious for their security and versatility. In such a manner, the supplier offers a bunch of applications that you may use to change the platform to your needs. We will talk about these apps in detail later in this blog.

In general, the features of the Clover POS System are payment processing, customer relationship management, staff management, inventory management, gift card management, order management, reporting, analytics, customer support, and feature-rich dashboard.

Let’s dive into the more detailed explanation of the so-called features:

Let’s Manage Inventory with Clover POS System

Dealing with the stock is a crucial piece of management in any company. Without the correct devices, dealing with the inventory adequately can be an overwhelming and tedious procedure. Clover Inventory has loads of top-to-bottom administration capacities to offer.

To use this component, you need to download a stock document. Then you should open the document in .xlsx format using an application like MS Excel. After that, you need to fill in the different fields you might want to follow. For example, thing name, type, value type, charge rate, value unit, item code, business cost, etc. Clover Inventory makes it workable for you to portray the different stock items with the help of variations like options and color. You are also able to compose the things into named classifications for more straightforward access.

Let’s Handle CRM

Gathering and storing client data isn’t only significant for launching digital remarketing campaigns. It also lets you comprehend your clients. Understanding your clients, in turn, will assist you in serving them far superior. This will also improve their fulfillment in your company. In regards to handling customized gift cards, Clover is extraordinary compared to other POS solutions. This component enables your clients to get to their custom gift cards on their cell phones.

From the information you can gather by the Loyalty feature, you will have the option to look into changed clients in your system and view their ways of managing money. Utilizing this feature, you can also convey advancements through email. As you will see, the platform is straightforward to set up. Indeed, it is packed with devices to assist you with structuring and modifying the platform to your favored specs.

CLOVER APP Market — Whatever Your Business Needs

Clover POS System offers a lot! Still, they may miss something your business needs. If this is also what you think, we have fantastic news for you: Clover App Market includes over 500 apps helping businesses handling all processes. Even though you need to buy those apps separately, they may add up your expenses, they are worth to check.

Few apps in the Clover App Market comes installed for free in any Clover POS System:

  • Register — Payment processing software
  • Promos — Customer retention and marketing tool
  • Feedback — Receive customer feedbacks in your email
  • Rewards — Loyalty program software
  • Happy Hours — Discount management software
  • Clover Dining — Restaurant experience making platform
  • Shifts — A staff scheduling tool
  • Customers — CRM tool


Its main benefits are having an easy set-up process and smooth UI. The mobile app lets you download it on any smart device and start using it. Dozens of add-on applications and third-party app integrations make the Clover so widespread.

They have effective solutions for hundreds of business processes. Different hardware options and pricing plans let you decide and choose whatever works best for you based on your demand. Excellent customer support is another main reason for businesses wanting Clover.

One of the main problems Clover users may face is that its software only works on its hardware components. Pricing strategy is also confusing for some customers so that some of them believe it has tricky pricing plans. The Clover devices are not cheap, so you need to handle it carefully. Otherwise, if anything damaging happens to them, it can lead to a considerable loss.

There is one more drawback. Having lots of applications is one of the most dominant sides of Clover. Yet, it’s such a pity that it doesn’t grant help for third-party apps. This can leave company owners stranded if they’re unable to contact the app developer.

Is Clover POS System Worth to Buy?

Clover is one of the biggest and most affordable point-of-sale systems providers. Clover Station, Clover Mini, Clover Flex, and Clover Go will offer you a compelling all-in-one solution. The App Market is one of the distinctive characteristics of Clover. It includes loads of applications you can use to boost the productivity of your business.

To sum up, Clover Restaurant POS System is worth to try for quick-service or full-service restaurants. Also, the Retail POS System is one of the most efficient solutions for retail stores. Coming to the service businesses, Clover would make them benefit too.

Considering all, when you look for a point-of-sale system for your business, first, decide your exact needs. Depending on your business type, Clover POS System may or may not be an adequate fit for you. If you are not satisfied with the Clover yet, you can look for other POS systems suitable for your needs on our website.

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